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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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why is richmond so reluctant to file suit? >> tonight a campaign contribution. >> new trouble for caltrans. turns out the new bay bridge isn't the only one where britel bolts are installed. >> we're going to show you what the patrol found whit went looking for unsafe limos and van autos does the state owe you money? millions of dollars in unclaimed cash for california crime victims. >> a new ultimatum tonight from richmond to chevron. settle wupt city or leave it up to a judge to decide.
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good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> richmond city council is prepared to sue its biggest neighbor in f.necessary but last night the council voted to delay filing that lawsuit. the stri of money and politics. mark? >> chevron knows it's in trouble and now the city are trying to reach a settlement. >> after the fire, hundreds of residents lined up for compensation for ill affects they suffered and chevron said they'd settle the claims but mayor believes the company needs prodding. >> i put forward a motion we hire this law firm that would be potentially filing a civil legal action against chevron for damage autos but last night the motion was defeated. the city council decided to
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give chevron 30 days to reach an agreement. >> you give me $200,000 i think i'm going to be beholden to you. >> the city council woman beckels voted with the mayor but talking about nath r.nta baits who got 200,000s ndz support for moving forward. a political organization entirely funded by chevron. chevron gave moving forward $1.2 million, much spent in the last week so 2012 campaign. >> there were bill boards blanketed the city. >> the mayor accuses of trying to buy influence on the vote as a reason why. in a statement says it supports city leaders to foster an economic environment. >> what you hear all of the negative things such as firings. >> joe fisher is president of one of the 36 neighborhood
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councils that makeup richmond you don't hear the positive thing that's chevron participates in. >> point together money the company spends on scholarships, neighborhood events and $30 million in taxes. while the company poured a couple million into the city council elections over the past four years it has not always paid off. $420,000 in cash went to help elect gary bell. bell got sick after winning and never has been able to take office. from looking at catch yain finance records it appears nat baits and corky bouzay have been the beneficiary asks both voted to put off suing the oil company but last night there were four no votes. the mayor admits other nose have no apparent ties to the oil company.
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new questions to use a certain type of steel. now, a growing number of people want to know why and how they were chosen for the bay bridge. abc 7 tuesday is live with the story tonight. laura? >> well a uc berkeley engineer criticizing many decisions made by caltrans most importantly he says that ts significance of the bolt problem is being under played and threatens integrity of the structure. >> so we have this one two,. three. >> uc berkeley bridge engineer says the areas already identified the potentially faulty bolts on the new span are also holding together the saddle at the very top of the tower. >> if they fail the cable will
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fall off the tower. >> caltrans maintains besides 32 snapping in march 2000 similar bolts on the bridge held up well, including those at the top of the tower. the spokesman told abc 7 news, quote, we're in the middle of testing of all similar bolts on all of the suspension bridge. there is no evidence there is anything wrong. >> casts a cloud over caltrans. >> the transportation commissioner calls troubling new revelations about the decisions made more than a decade ago. >> the chain of events led up to the fact that a said to going ahead and use the bolts calls in a question caltrans operations and the way they analyzed this and looked at it. >> caltrans released documents revealing their engineers were persuade bid dus oncorporation to use risky rods on the bay
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bridge. this letter to the legislature summarizes documents saying caltrans decided on the bolts because the type had been installed on the richmond san rafael bridge. and on the bay bridge will be tightened seven times greater. >> our goal to understand what the thought process was. >> the chair ann worth says whatever mistakes have been made in the past the key now is to fix them and move on. >> as we've said that number one priority is opening the bridge whit safe and ready to do that. >> there is no definite word on whether the bridge will be ready to open by labor day. caltrans expected to appear acting as the toll authority for another update in oakland next week. >> blustery winds today.
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this is what it was like along san francisco great highway this afternoon. sand pelted passing motorists and turned the road into sand dunes. take a look. for now the great highway is closed in both directions from lincoln to slope boulevard. >> strong winds forced firefighters to call an air support to help with the brush fire there that started in a field south of capitol expressway just before noon. sky 7 shows the wind pushing the fire towards home as krots street spreading to about of seven acres and never did cross the road and nothing but grass burned. >> terrible tragedy today, we're learning more about the driver impaled in his seat near tracy this morning. 33-year-old michael cox from lodi in the medical supply business heading into the bay area for a weekly meeting leaving behind a wife, and three children. he was driving west on highway
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580 near grant line road a piece of metal pipe pierced a windshield and just impaled him in an instant. he had no time to react. sky 7 hd was over the scene. the chp says it was about two feet long and two inches in diameter, it's not clear where it came from or how it ended up striking the car are. >> i asurprise sting operation this morning at san francisco international airport. the target limos, vans and buses. this is the work of a multi agency strike force. vic lee was there and live now with how it went down. vic? >> there are many agencies involved in this sting. the state p.u.c. regular yut yates limos and the air resources board checking for emission violations. sting lasted about seven hours and hundreds passed through the check point, checking everything from licenses to
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insurance records to maintenance records. the stick took drivers by surprise. units stopped their limo scenes and buses after dropping their passengers off at the terminals. they lined up the vehicles and escorted them to a lot next to the airport. the sting started at 8:00 this morning by noon, limos and vans and buses filled the inspection site. just four hours, 14 vehicles were found to have mechanical violations. police detained and cited this driver of a super shuttle van told us he was driving with a suspended license. >> he had 20 minutes to find someone to come up and picket the vehicle. the van will get towed. >> many thought operations were in response to limousine nir monday on the san mateo bridge killing five passengers. but the chp said waits not. >> i can understand where it might have that perception.
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>> most drivers didn't find the inconvenience. >> i think it's good for everybody. for the public, you know? for departments it's good. >> do you kaep your car up? >> yes. yes. up and running and everything. no problems. >> the only complaints we've heard were from driver who's grumbled the inspections were costing them money. >> and now, i'm stuck this way. >> chp statistics may come tomorrow. and i did speak with a management of super shuttle they tell me they do track status of the licenses and don't know why this one fell through the cracks but have
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launched their own investigation. >> thank you. countdown begins today that. is the word from members of the super bowl bid committee today. abc 7 news is here. 33 months away and counting. >> you know you would think that is plenty of time but not so. they talked about how tho make this a special super bowl. 24 hours after a bid for super bowl 50 these friends were still congratulating each other. 49ers ceo talked to us after arriving from boston. >> now we have 33 months to keep going and put on the best super bowl and make sure fans when they leave they're asking when are we coming back. >> nfl owners selected the new
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santa clara stadium as the venue for 2016 super bowl. it won't be finished until next year. daniel says it will take about six to nine months to put together the host committee comprised of up to 25 people. >> we're going to hire a ceo and you know, great, tall yenlt foamed get the job done. you know? we need help around transportation and accounting and dealing with public safety issue autos saying hosting the 50th super bowl will bring hundreds of millions of dollars tolt bay area and beyond. >> we're going to have people visiting and we think it's going to be great for the bay area region. restaurants are getting excited. >> i think our business could grow more and make our fan base wider, we're excited for
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it. and are ready for it. i thits going to bring new faces in. >> last time we had a super bowl was in 1985 and given how the world changed since then, security will be a top story. >> still ahead a new wrinkle in the america's cup competition. a team puts new conditions on when it will race. >> new deal will give you a behind the scenes look at the training now underway alt one of the sow non gnomea county newest and biggest employers. >> and upsetting as it is remarkable a man printed an actual firearm from his computer. >> a koolt, breezy pattern but will it warm up for memorial day?ñáçwçñ
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and know you're not on your own. so you can get the reloadable card that keeps up with you. chase liquid. so you can. with a puff of smoke a bomb squad took care of what they thought might have been a pipe bomb. a struck driver noticed knit the rig ask called police. you can see an officer removing remnants of the device. turns out it was not a pipe bomb but a homemade still used for making alcohol. america's cup released drk -- hours after the head of the artemis team will not
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race if they don't make changes to protect sailors. andrew btar simpson was killed when the catamaran cap sized here is a look at recommendations include reviewing the structure of the boats and enhancing sailor safety gear, and lowering the wind limit for sailing to 20 nolgts in july, 21 knots in august. and 23 knots in september. recommendations still need to be approved and no word on whether this is what the team was looking for to stay in the competition. >> despite a lawsuit the resort and casino under construction is hired 2000 employees and others are learning how to work gaming tables. abc 7 news is. >> this is like taking 15
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units of junior college here. >> operators of what will be the casino say is really the fulfill many of a promise. >> we're saying come and... learn a skill. learn a career opportunity. >> in a county where unemployment stands at 7% that is a lure despite opposition that fought the plan for years. they're not in this room, however. >> giving me the opportunity to start over. not easy when you're 55 years old. >> they want us to work there. i want to work there. now. now i have made a decision on wri stanld. i support it. >> unlike other dealer schools this one is free. >> there is a lot to remember.
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>> skills are mental and physical. >> it's slippery and heavy. >> brian rogers runs this program. it's a motor skill. >> make a stack of five autos you can't stack the chips. don't put your day jobs. >> spencer is here to talk about the weather. >> i do see a warm up in the cards. >> oh, brother. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies, breezy conditions around the bay area now. much cooler than average but it's pleasant. so little to complain b but up to the north there may be complaints about how cold goits tok tonight. there is a freeze warning in affect for interior mendocino
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county and during that same time it's going to be very cold up there tonight. chill going to reach down into the north bay here and bay area as well. looking at gufrty winds, still, 38 miles per hour.24 miles per s over at hayward so around the bay area, still quite breezy. pleasant a clear view ton the bay from mount tam you can see now. and 56 degrees in san francisco. 63 aconsiders the bay in oakland. 61 in mountain view and san jose. another live view from our camera is looking towards golden gate nothing but blue sky there's and readings 69 degrees in santa rosa. 67 in fairfield. livermore, 62 and 57 in union city. now, blue skies over the lake. forecast features are these. breeze eye conditions overnight.
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cooler than average, and it's milder on memorial day. a big low pressure center centered north. and cold air, strong breezes this is a persistent cold front anchored there for a while. so overnight into tomorrow breezes to continue to be brisk along the coast and bay. temperatures remaining below average but we'll have sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. as well as afternoons to follow. overnight look for clear skies. a cool conditions especially in the north bay valleys low temperatures will drop down near the 40 degree mark. upper 40s to near 50 over the remainder of the bay area. it's still cool. then, tomorrow, sunny skies in the south bay. 69 in san jose. mid to upper 60s, 66 redwood city. mid to upper 50s on the coast.
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downtown 61 degrees tomorrow. east bay highs mid to upper 60s. inland east bay milder but not by much. here is the accu-weather forecast. not much change in high temperatures. throughout the weekend we might begin two, three degrees but on tuesday of next weekday after memorial day we'll have warmest weather with highs into upper 70s and will be a pleasant mem ril day. >> thank you. >> well, coming up a bay area car company done something no other american auto maker has done. >> a big day for tesla and taxpayers coming up next. x
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grass fire just about out in martinez we can see crews on the ground still stirring down hot spots here. >> an acre burned near village place and arnold drive in martinez there are buildings around but crews say none in any real danger. >> you've got paid today with interest by tesla motors. wiring nearly $452 million to
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the government to pay off the loan for makers of advanced technology cars. payment nine years ahead of schedule. tesla pointed out it is not a bailout loan. te last week, a billion dollars issuing new shares of stock. today, thanking the government to for the loan and saying american taxpayerer i hope we did you proud. >> how fed chairman ruined a perfectly good day on wall street. the dow up more than 100 points while he was telling congress the economy was too weak to recover on its own but prices began to fall when he said the fed might discuss ending it's bond buying stimulus problem. hewlett-packard reported it's seventh decline in quarterly
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revenue this, was the worst of them all, down 10%. still, meg whitman says she's encouraged. shares of yelp took a tumble today, news two major competitors will merge and offer not only reviews but a way to order takeout as well. >> more still to come here on abc 7 news in the next 30 minutes first up, damage assessment from the oklahoma tornado. what the mayor wants from every homeowner who rebuilds. >> $10250. >> collect that in full. would you like it?. >> oh, my god. yes. boy. absolutely. >> if you're a crime victim like this man the state might owe you money. but the i team explains why it may be difficult to collect it a major blow tonight for san francisco 49ers one premier player may be out for the entire season. xññ
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white house said president obama plans to visit the city of moore, oklahoma this weekend to view the tornado damage and meet with survivors personally. 24 people were killed as you know, 10 children when that ef 5 tornado hit monday. as many as 13,000 homes were destroyed or damaged. and the cost is risen to $2 billion and rising. today, homeland security -- secretary janet napolitano visited moore herself. >> one of the thing that's impress immediate so much has been the strength and resilience of the oklahomain who's have been affect fwhid disaster. and who are taking charge and moving forward with recovery of the communities uk see the effort underway.
7:32 pm
>> that is how we'll move forward. we'll clean up, rebuild, and that is the oklahoma spirit. >> there could be changes. the mayor says he will push for a law to require shelters in all new homes. 22 people huddled inside of the vault and survived and oklahoma city thunder player stopped to give hugs and autographs. this week durant donated $1 million to the efforts. >> damage is imager oogt state may be looking for you. you may have money coming your way. >> but don't hold your breath
7:33 pm
the money is court ordered but millions are sitting in an account not being paid out in the state. it never received information from counselors a judge ordered restitution for the thief to pay for what he stole. garcia never thought he'd see any money. >> violations and it's personal when you walk home and see everything missing and gone. >> garcia got closure with a phone call. we listened in. >> amount the judge awarded you is $10,253. would you like it?. >> oh, my gosh. yes. i would. that would be terrific. >> he is lucky.
7:34 pm
the state admits up to half of the time crime victims don't get their money that the state collected from the criminals. because if of a glitch in the system. in other cases victims move and don't provide information. >> i do nothing but research all day for looking for unknown victims. >> michael with the california department of california corrections unknown victims unit tracks down victim that's are owed but can't be found. >> biggest challenge is finding the victims. it may come in pay $2000 to the victim. you can't find anything. >> the cdcr takes in about $400,000 every month and unclaimed money adding up. santa clara county has most money owed to crime victims
7:35 pm
but the state says it can't find it. until we told her about it. >> it makes an order for res stit yugs. and i consider it a fail your to comply with a court order. >> overseeing unclaimed restitution for years but says he just learned about the county million dollar backlog three months ago. >> i was concerned. that i was more concerned about how we're going to mix the problem. >> so he set up a teamworking to find 1300 victims and says the office is putting procedures in place to avoid a backlog in the future. >> whatever else we can do to make sure we're on top of this so that we're not and don't find ourselves in a
7:36 pm
predicament again. >> the state holding $400,000 for unknown victims. ra costa county. counties tell us they're doing their best to help state fix the system and get victims money they deserve. >> have a wonderful weekend. i'll have a better one now. >> daniel garcia says the $10,000 doesn't hope with the toll of the crime but he has plans for the money. >> my daughter getting married in a couple weeks so i'll, you know give her a nice wind fall as well. i get to walk her down the aisle. >> the state collects half of what they earned in prison jobs and half of what family and friends contribute to their accounts if you think you're owed money call the d.a.and make sure they know
7:37 pm
how to contact you. >> millions and we're waiting to find names and addresses. they know the names. they don't have contact information. >> thank. >>y there is no shortage of options for fighting wrinkles but a number of patients now choosing technology working from the outside. how doctors are using a wand to tighten everything from crow's feet to sagging neck line was out surgery or injections coming up at 11:00. >> an irs manager takes the fifth amendmentful her statement to congress coming up. >> u.s. government confirmed it killed this american in a drone attack. find out why, up next. [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start.
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the united states admitted that drones were used to deliberately kill four americans overseas. among them this, man. the top al qaeda leader in yemen kaild year and a half ago. the attorney general
7:41 pm
confirm that's it planned so called under wear bombing atempt and play aid key flol an attempt to bomb u.s. bound cargo planes in 2010. the decision to target him says the letter was lawful and considered and just. >> the fbi needs help in aid gating a man who is in custody for impersonating a federal agent. his name is max horowitz. the fbi says wind chill on probation he obtained a semi automatic ryan control gun and other paraphernalia use bid police. if you have had contact with this man, you should call the fbi tip line immediately anonymously if you would like. >> well, woman at the center of the irs scandal declared her innocence to lawmakers today overseeing the tax
7:42 pm
exempt braj and revealed the agency focused on conservative groups. is he was set to testify during a congressional investigation but only maintained her innocence before pleading the fifth. >> i have not broken laws. >> if this committee is prevented by obstruction or bad refusal to answer you'll leave us no alternative but to ask for at pointment of a special prosecutor. or appointment to special council to get to the bottom of this. >> she says she took the fifths because darrell issa had gone public claiming she misled lawmaker autos in southern california today a bear on the loose in sun valley. it was checking out backyards and just forraging for food.
7:43 pm
>> this is frightening for people that live here, they probably heard the police. now, all of a sudden right out of the front door there goes the bear. >> the bear was cornered and tranquilized. officials plan to take the bear back into the mountains where it is supposed to be. >> happy as can be. up next a technology break through. >> that gun was made by a 3 d computer printer. >> not everyone sim pressed, however, stay with us. we'll explain y ♪ ♪
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a self described libertarian is following through an on controversial promise. he claims to have used a 3 d printer to make a gun that actually works. and as eric thomas explains printing businesses are not only unhappy bit, they don't believe the hype. this 25-year-old university of texas law student stirred up a
7:47 pm
hornet's nest showing off a working plastic gun made on a 3 d printer. he put plans on the internet. quickly the state department ordered them taken down citing a ban on unauthorized firearms trafficking abroad. supporters call it a break through but not everyone is impressed. >> print, probably a thousand dollars or more not going last long. >> peerre believes the break through is psychological. yes, printed a weapon but infearer to traditional guns in almost every way. >> this is a piece that we down loaded online. and is a clip. >> printing this magazine from plans down loaded from the web site.
7:48 pm
>> i'm going to show you how britel it s if you seize it, goitsing to break. >> we don't know yet what the real world durability is but as a political shot across the bow, it could have a lasting impact. >> producing an object liketart. in this case, plastic. it used to prove a concept not to be durable. the concern is that people would be able to print guns in their homes nrk reality it would be easier to steal them because machine that's can turn them out cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> you're talking about a fiat compared to a ferrari.
7:49 pm
different things. >> this software engineer spent $700 online to acquire this printer. that spent hours. but advances in technology will make it possible. >> it's necessary. we need people the earlier we do that, it will progress. >> the technology is neither good nor evil. it depends on what you want to use it for. >> advanced printers can use metal or buy lj cal material. if and when someone decides to use those, government regulation may not be far behind. >> that isxd remarkable. >> incredible. >> i heard a lecture within
7:50 pm
years they'll be able to do organic stuff like print up livers and kidney autos it's hard to wrap your brain around. >> spencer christian is here now. >> take a look at clear skies, breezy conditions and we know that is in the pattern from the bay. compared with average we can say we're well below average for this time of the year all locations except santa cruz. tomorrow, another sunny cool day but with high temperatures below normal for late may. low 70s in the mildest inland locations. 50s along the coast. so the day after memorial day we'll have late may type weather. >> thank you very much. >> happening now in oakland warriors fans are celebrating the team's winning season and
7:51 pm
an mazing playoff run. there is the fan rally now in full swing. fans getting their chance to hear from players reflecting back on the season. also during event the rare opportunity to tour the player locker rooms and shoot free throws on the court. parking and admission, free. the event running until 9:00. >> that is a fun idea. >> neat. >> yes. >> very cool. >> that is. i'd like to get out there myself, actually. i'm stuck here. this is big trouble. who is going to be cal kolin cappernick's new favorite target is in the injury is there anyway he might be able to come back? sports is coming up next. x
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good evening, michael crabtree emerged as the best receiver last year now the team swril to figure out how to win without him. he had surgery today. got hurt curing team activities with the 7 on 7 drill no contact and was collin cappernick's favorite target last year.
7:55 pm
and the challenge how to replace the 85 receptions, 1100 receiving skbrardz nine touchdowns from a year ago? crabtree will miss most, if not all of the season. >> good news is that he woke up from surgery and back how it went. talked about the success of the surgery and that didn't anticipate he'd be out for the year. the comment was, got no choice but to be back. >> one of the best linebackers the game is retiring after 13 condition sn was the bears. the face of the chicago bears franchise. started 180 games from 2000 through 2012 and holds a team record with over 1700 tackles. bears offered him a contract for $2 million. and on to baseball, giants going for a series sweep this
7:56 pm
afternoon. another extra inning game. brian voguel song back in the dugout after an injury on his hand. here it s opposite field homer in the 6th. nasa on top 1-0. giants responding in the 8th. buster posey mvp, base hit to left. to the 10th we go. base hit. the throw from hunter pens here is high and late. harper scores to give nationals a 2-1 lead. last chance for giants. marco scutero deep to left. warning track. 19 games nationals avoid a series sweep. a's and rangers perhaps you've heard of me. i'm a big deal. texas jumps on jared parker in the first. a tw-run homer his sixth of the year. and moments later alow happen
7:57 pm
happen. -- aloha. rangers have 3-0. those are the only run as loued. a's with their chances. fifth inning. runners in second and third. a's 0 for 10 with runners in position. set smith in the 6th rangers snap the winning streak. sergio garcia has apologized over ask over after his latest comments about tiger woods. tiger woods and garcia can't stand each other. verbally sparring. garcia yesterday asked if he would have tiger over for dinner at u.s. open he responded saying yes, woe serve tiger fried chicken. racially insensitive remark he now regrets. >> i want to apologize to tiger and anyone that i could have offended by the comment i made and just say, i feel sick
7:58 pm
bit. i'm sorry. you and know, how that, you know, we can kind of settle down and hopefully move on. >> tiger responded saying remarks were hurtful but added it's time to just move on to talk about golf from this point forward. >> the friendship not coming together. >> there is no friendship there. >> yes. >> that is it. >> join me tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 cable channel 13. coming up then, many of us guilty of it. the worst habit whit comes to exercising. >> then at abc 7 news at 11:00 a popular clothing chain may have met it's match. talking to plus-size blogger taking on the company's ceo. >> and a prime time line up and then, it's how to live with your parents for the rest of your life and finale of nashville.
7:59 pm
>> that does it nor edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. from all of us see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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